Privacy Policy

Quality Policy

Ramakrishna Rubber Industry is a firm that meets our clients’ quality expectations by adhering to statutory and regulatory regulations. The grading of Block Rubber is based on the Bureau of Indian Standards’ technical specifications. Rubber Raw Material Specification (Fourth Revision). The facility features a fully equipped laboratory where items are tested and graded. We now have a Wallace Plastimeter and PRI oven from the United Kingdom. In our laboratory, all equipment for testing PO, PRI, Nitrogen, Dirt, Ash, DRC, and Volatile matter has been installed. These products are packaged with high-quality packing materials to ensure that they retain their quality characteristics for an extended period of time.

Environmental Policy

RamaKrishna Rubber Industry is devoted to improving environmental quality by the following proactive strategy in the processing of field coagulum rubber to ISNR. We will work hard to achieve the following goals:

  • Following all applicable Environmental Regulations and other criteria.
  • Maintain a continuous improvement process through periodic reviews of our objectives and targets, and provide adequate infrastructure facilities to support our environmental performance.
  • Furthermore, we only run the dryer with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).
  • For ecological conservation, we have also set up an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) for the treatment and recycling of waste water.
  • As part of our ecological conservation efforts, we have also constructed an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) for the treatment & re-cycling of waste water.
  • Internally communicating this Policy to all workers and other relevant parties.