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About Ramakrishna Rubber Industry

Ramakrishna Rubber Industry, situated in Agartala, Tripura, is a well-known Indian company that specialises in natural rubber processing. We have maintained a strong dedication to quality and innovation in our rubber processing technologies since our inception in 2016. We endeavour to offer exceptional rubber products that fulfil the diversified needs of our customers using our cutting-edge facilities and expert team…

Our Vision & Mission

Ramakrishna Rubber Industry is committed to becoming a dependable leader in the rubber sector by offering outstanding rubber goods that go above and beyond what customers anticipate. Our company’s objective is to satisfy customers, and we work diligently to improve our processes and products through dedicated research and development efforts. By embracing innovation, we hope to stay one step ahead of the competition and satisfy our consumers’ changing needs.

Every product that leaves our facility will adhere to stringent quality requirements since we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality control. We investigate new technologies and techniques as part of our focus on continual improvement, which enables us to deliver outstanding rubber solutions. We take a customer-centric approach and pay close attention to what our clients need.

Our Products

ISNR is manufactured by a series of unit activities including pre-cleaning, blending, final size reduction, drying, and packing. After pre-cleaning operations to eliminate foreign matter, the raw rubber in the form of latex and/or Field Coagulam (FC) is turned into Blocks, cleaned, dried at a temperature not exceeding 110C, compacted into blocks of standard size and shape and wrapped in low density polythene film. Grading is done by taking samples from each lot’s bales and analysing them for dirt, ash, volatile matter, nitrogen content, initial plasticity, and plasticity retention index. After that, the block rubber is packed in dispersible polythene. Each bale weighs 25 kilogrammes.

Our Location

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