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ISNR is manufactured by a series of unit activities including pre-cleaning, blending, final size reduction, drying, and packing. After pre-cleaning operations to eliminate foreign matter, the raw rubber in the form of latex and/or Field Coagulam (FC) is turned into Blocks, cleaned, dried at a temperature not exceeding 110C, compacted into blocks of standard size and shape and wrapped in low density polythene film. Grading is done by taking samples from each lot’s bales and analysing them for dirt, ash, volatile matter, nitrogen content, initial plasticity, and plasticity retention index. After that, the block rubber is packed in dispersible polythene. Each bale weighs 25 kilogrammes. The polythene used is 0.03+0.01 MM thick LDPE with a melting point of less than 109 degrees Celsius.



Used for tyre puncture patches, inner tubes, cushion gums, tocks, injection moulded joint rings, raincoat proofing and packing, conveyor belts and footwear.


Tyres and tubes, cushion gum stock, bicycle tyres-tubes, conveyor belts, footwear, and other rubber goods are the most common applications.


Used to make less expensive non-critical applications such as handcrafted hose, footwear, matting, and moulded items.